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Altamirano, TeóFilo and Copestake, James and Figueroa, Adolfo and Wright-Revolledo, Katie (2004) ‘Universal and Local Understanding of Poverty in Peru’, Global Social Policy: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Public Policy and Social Development, 4(3), pp. 313-336. (10.1177/1468018104047490).

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Baker, Emily (2004) Different but normal: stories of women who have grown up with cloacal anomalies. Professional doctorate thesis, University of East London.

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Bashroush, Rabih and Spence, Ivor and Kilpatrick, Peter and Brown, John (2004) ‘A Network Architectural Style for Real-time Systems: NaSr’,

Bashroush, Rabih and Spence, Ivor and Kilpatrick, Peter and Brown, John (2004) ‘A Real-time Network Emulator: ADLARS Case Study’,

Bashroush, Rabih and Spence, Ivor and Kilpatrick, Peter and Brown, John (2004) ‘Towards an Automated Evaluation Process for Software Architectures’,

Bashroush, Rabih and Spence, Ivor and Kilpatrick, Peter and Brown, John (2004) ‘Using the NaSr Architectural Style to Solve the Broken Hyperlink Problem’,

Bashroush, Rabih and Spence, Ivor and Kilpatrick, Peter and Brown, John (2004) ‘The contribution of architecture description languages to the evaluation of software architectures’,

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Culpan, Frances Jane (2004) Effect of aerobic training on functioning activities in patients following acquired brain injury: Changes in exercise capacity, strength, mobility and functional independence in response to cycle ergometer exercise training in adults undergoing rehabilitation following acquired brain injury. PhD thesis, University of East London.


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Hansen, Esther (2004) Negotiating present and future selves Women's decision-making to pursue breast augmentation surgery on the NHS. Professional doctorate thesis, University of East London.

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Jahankhani, Hossein and Iliadis, Lazaros and Pimenidis, Elias (2004) ‘E-Learning in the work-places in the Rural Sector of northeastern Greece’,

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Kim, Young-Gil (2004) Personal excavation: multiplicity and museological display. Professional doctorate thesis, University of East London.

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Lawrence, Tim (2004) Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970–1979. Duke University Press.

Lok, Susan Pui San (2004) A-Y: Of `British Chinese' Art. [Thesis]


Marenko, Betti (2004) Body marking/body mapping: Technologies of shifting subjectivity through skin shedding machines. [Thesis]

McLoughlin, Michael (2004) The influence of mineralogy and microstructure on the contaminant migration through geosynthetic clay liners. [Thesis]

Meredith, Emmeline (2004) An Exploration of the Factors Influencing the Consideration of a Career in Clinical Psychology by Undergraduates from Minority Ethnic Backgrounds: A Q-Methodological Study. Professional doctorate thesis, University of East London.

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Price, Heather (2004) The Emotional Context of Young Children's Literacy Learning. [Thesis]


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Schneider, Arnd (2004) ‘Rooting Hybridity: Globalisation and the Challenges of mestizaje and crisol de razas for Contemporary Artists in Ecuador and Argentina’, Indiana, pp. 95-112.

Shoniregun, Charles Adetokunbo (2004) An investigation of the impacts and the risk assessment of technology enabled information on teismes in the UK. PhD thesis, University of East London.

Sorensen, Pamela Berse (2004) Inside out in America: The Translation of Kleinian Child Psychotherapy into an American University Context. PhD thesis, University of East London.

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